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13 Years!

Over 700 Schools!

Your Teachers Will Love Them! Your Students Will Love Them! Everyone Will Remember Them Forever!
Kelly Nickel's Bucketfilling school assemblies and workshops use music, motion, and memorization to make learning active, sticky, and fun.  The simplicity of the metaphor makes it easy for everyone to remember that we all have feelings, we all like feeling good, and it's the way we treat each other that either makes us feel better or makes us feel worse. It's a simple binary choice.

With intentional continuation the metaphor becomes a part of the social-emotional fabric of the school community as a forever tool in the character education toolbelt that is accessible at all times by students, staff, and families.

Bucketfilling programs are an effective and relevant use of your funds that support and grow your school's character, climate, and connection initiatives already in place including PBiS, Character Counts, Leader in Me, Capturing Kids' Hearts,
Second Step, Growth Mindsets, and more!

Thank you for visiting our website to see if Bucketfilling programs are a good fit for your school.  Please contact me right away with any questions or to discuss your school's needs and expected outcomes. I look forward to hearing from you soon! - Kelly Nickel

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